Albert Gore

picture taken after Al won the nobel peace prize
picture taken after Al won the nobel peace prize
Early Life

Al Gore was born on March 31,1948
In his school years he attended almost all honors and accelerated classes. He also went to Harvard and graduated in 1969 with a Bachelors degree in art. A year later in 1970 he married Mary Elizabeth Aitcheson after he met her at his high school graduation party. While growing up Gore worked on the family farm and grew Tabacco hay and raised cattle in Carthage, Tennessee. Gore was also in the army during the Vietnam war, even though he was soley against it. Gore served in the 20th Engineer Brigade in Bien Hoa.

Vice Presidency

Al Gore has done many great things in his life such as run for president in 1988 but later dropped out and let Michael Dukakis take over the Democratic race. Al Gore was the 45th vice president under president Bill Clinton from 1993-2001. In 1989 Gores 6 year old son, Albert, was in a car accident on his way home from an orioles baseball game. This kept Gore by his sons side rather than helping build a campaign for the Democrats in the 1992 election. After Gores two terms as vice president he decided to run for president in 2000 with Joe Lieberman, and then again in 2004.

Impact on America

Out of the few things Gore has done in his life two things he has done stand out above the rest, and the first thing was helping to build theexternal image inconvenient.jpg internet. He started in the 1970's Al Gore was known to be the first politician to understand how important the internet was. He Passed the High Performance Computing and Communication Act of 1991 (A.K.A. The Gore Bill) this led to what Gore liked to call the "information superhighway".
The next thing Gore Made a huge impact with was his academy award winning documentary The Inconvenient Truth made in 2006. This film Delt with the issues of Global Warming or Climate ChangeIn this flim Gore shows evidence for Global warming and tells us what some consequences will be if the human race doesnt change our destructive behaviors. In this movie Gore informs people about global warming what harmful effects it has on our earth and what we can do to change this. later on in 2007 Gore was awarded The Nobel Peace Prize for helping to try and stop global warming and helping to inform the people in the world about the harmful effects it will have in the future. For these actions Gore recieved much criticism from shows such as South Park, The Colbert Report, and The Simpsons Movie. Since the films debut in 2006 there has been much controversy over it for many reasons. Some believe that showing this film in schools will brainwash todays children. Politically this film did not go very well with many leaders, but this movie has seen a huge impact socialy influencing people all over the world to help stop climate change and help the earth become an overall better place.


  • 2008 Honorary Doctorate in Humane Letters, Carnegie Mellon University
  • 2008 Dan David Prize: "Social Responsibility with Particular Emphasis on the Environment"
  • 2008 The Gore resolution (HJR712) passed by the Tennessee House of Representatives which honors Gore's "efforts to curb global warming"
  • 2007 Gothenburg Prize for Sustainable Development
  • 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) (environment)
  • 2007 Primetime Emmy Award: Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Television for Current TV (interactive technology)
  • 2007 International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences: Founders Award for Current TV and for work in the area of global warming
  • 2007 Quill Awards: History/current events/politics,The Assault on Reason
  • 2007 Prince of Asturias Award in Spain (environment)
  • 2007 The Sir David Attenborough Award for Excellence in Nature Filmmaking (environment)
  • 2007 Honorary Fellow,American Academy of Arts and Science
  • 2007 Honorary Doctorate, Concordia University
  • 2006 Quill Awards: History/current events/politics, An Inconvenient Truth
  • 2005 Webby Awards: Lifetime Achievement Award (interactive technology)
  • 1998 The Computerworld Honors Program Honoring Those Who Use Information Technology to Benefit Society: Toshiba America Leadership Award for Education
  • 1993 First Annual Cisco Systems Circle Award: "In recognition of his visionary leadership in building global awareness of computer networking through the National Information Highway Initiative"