The American Bible Society
By: Ben Krall

Elias Boudinot; First President of the A.B.S.

Elias Boudinot
In 1816 in New York, the American Bible Society was formed. The A.B.S.'s goal was strictly to make available the word of God to Christians in the United States. The society's first president and founder, along with the help of Lyman Beecher, was Elias Boudinot. Mr. Boudinot was elected in 1816 and served for five years until his death in 1821. Elias Boudinot was a very well rounded man and even served three terms in congress and before this he served in the continental congress. During his service in the continental congress he occasionally acted as the president and sometimes secretary of foreign affairs during a crucial period in the United States early history. There was no better man qualified for leading the American Bible Society in its early stages. Elias Boudinot was a very wise man and was very important in getting the society started, even donating $10,000 to the society. The American bible society was at no loss of great leaders and after Elias Boudinot's death John Jay stepped in to take over as the second president.

Goal of the A.B.S.

The American Bible society was and is today, a group of people that saw a need in America for bibles. There simply were not enough to go around for the overwhelming population of Christians in the United States. Although God was active and working in amazing ways during the early 1800's, the absence of God's word was something that many Christians were missing out on. The lack of Bibles was so severe that not every church had a Bible of its own were as in contrast with today, The churches in America have bibles for every seat. Within the A.B.S.'s goal of providing bibles for churches, it has been meeting the need for Bibles in other languages. In the video below, a Hispanic man in the Air Force is proof of what the American Bible Society has done in providing bibles for those who do not have them.

Significance in U.S. History

Many different denominations of Christians fled their countries in order escape religious persecution. When they arrived in the colonies they were able to freely practice their religions without fear of being stomped on by dictating government. With a fresh start in the newly founded American colonies, since 1816, the American Bible Society has been right along side Christians providing bibles for them. Without the American Bible Society's recognition for the lack of bibles, many Christians in early America would have been without God's word.

Current Events

Today the American Bible society has grown one-hundred fold. It is flourishing in many different ministries. The American Bible society has launched a website that is largely the center for many of their ministries. Some of these include the Bible Resource Center, Global Scripture ministries, Project Constant Hope and they can all be found at The American Bible Society also sells Bibles on their website and continues to hold true to their goals by providing Bibles for all who are eager to read God's word.