E-Textbook Author 2009

A new, freshly designed and user-friendly electronic AP US History textbook will be published this month. You are a professor at Buescovia University, the “Harvard” of Dakota County. Because of your reputation as a scholar and as a result of your well-known “creative genius”, you have been asked to create one page for that new AP US History electronic textbook. The editors have assured schools across the nation that the content, visuals, and layout are the best in the business.

Your Job:
1. Select a name from the provided list
2. Research the individual (3 class days)
3. Understand why this person deserves to be recognized in the book
4. Create the page for the book

What to include:

  1. Pictures
  2. Person’s significance
key facts
obstacles they overcame
unique qualities
lasting impact on history
3. Links to other useful sites
4. Citations for sources you use. Go to NOODLETOOLS for assistance in citation. Follow the directions to
create an account to create properly formated citations.

It is absolutely CRITICAL that the work you do is IN YOUR OWN WORDS! Any plagiarism will result in a ZERO.