1. Use Camino or Internet Explorer or Firefox instead of Safari, if possible. You can size pictures and work with colors and fonts much easier.

2. To put in video clips first go to edit page while on your page. Next hit the little TV button at top. Then hit the video button on the left hand side of the box that pops up and click which video site you want, then follow the directions.

3. If it appears that your work has been lost, load your page and click on "History". Choose an earlier version of your project that has the changes you have made. Then "revert" back to that page.

4. If a person or place needs a special letter [for example: ö,£,é,Ĕ] go to edit this page. On the editor bar you'll see a button with a cube. This cube should have the colors red, green, and blue on it. When you hover your mouse over the button it should say insert special character. That is where you will find these letters.

5. To link items within your page, go to "Edit this page" highlight the word, person, or phrase to be linked, click on the globe with the link, select the "external link" button, and paste in the web address. This will make your page a true "Wiki" page by bringing others to other sources

6. if you want to have a continues playlist play on your page, go to www.projectplaylist.com make a profile, pick your songs. then go to get code under your account, then click the tv in the edit page, go to audio, and new media, then copy and paste the code and your done! :)

7 If you want to add a song to your page Imeem.com has a wide selection of music. when you find a song you want, copy the "embed" code. Then go to edit your page and click on the icon that looks like a mini TV. Click on "audio" on the left and then select "Imeem". paste your code in the box and then save.